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LH Capital Holdings operates as a Wisconsin based real estate investment company. Our investment objective is to provide its investors with current income and long-term capital appreciation of their investment through the purchase, enhancement, management, and disposition of Class A and B commercial real estate property over a 5-7 year term. Prospective commercial properties will be located within a 75-mile radius of Madison, Wisconsin, most notably within Dane County. 


These properties offer investors significant opportunities to achieve:


• Cash flow generated by rental/leasing income

• Inflation resistance through escalating rents/leases and property values common to high inflation

• Capital gains from the increase in property value over the stated holding period

• Secured financing through guarantees provided by LH Capital Holdings

• Tax advantages including depreciation, business expense deductions, 1031 exchanges, opportunity zones, and more

• True portfolio diversification, without direct correlation to the stock and/or bond markets

• Options for preferred returns (personal guarantee may be required)


LH Capital Holdings’ primary objective is to maximize returns for investors while minimizing the fees typically associated with real estate investment firms. Our company is dedicated to making positive changes through capital improvements, value-add strategies, and green-solutions to enhance the lives and communities around us. 

Contact us today to see how you can reserve your equity position in our next investment.

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